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Dont get it twisted it that aint no cigar

That nigga kennedy rolled the fat purp blunt

JFK was og.

Presidential smoke

somebody should make a new strain of weed named after him.

I can hear Rick Ross right now:

I got that JFK (woooo!)

That presidential! (uh!)

Reblogging for the Rick Ross song comment that was pure gold omfg

Yalll are so corny




'Scandal' Season 2 Deleted Scene: Another Suitor for Olivia?

If Liv needed a pacifier, it should have been Shaw.

I see the tags and yes girl yes.
Jackson Hurst. Greyson from DDD. I would have been ok with him being her binky for a minute.


Anonymous asked:

A confident man in love with a woman with whom he's spent 3 months alone on Rowan's private island should look totally de-stressed, contented and confident don't you think? But Joke looked anything but that from the moment the letter arrived; even when he was 'touching the woman he loves where no man has before'. Could it be that every Nolake interaction is a threesome, if not Olivia bringing Fitz, but him always competing with Fitz in his mind? Did Command put him on notice with funeral visit?



Yep about Jake being unsettled from the moment the letter arrived. He knows the only hope of allowing himself to believe that Olivia chose him (which she didn’t) instead of merely settling what for what was there. Just as Olivia is always a part of Fitz and Mellie’s relationship, the same goes for Fitz as part of what Olivia and Jake are pretending to have. 

I know Jake’s mad because he got sucked into the wake of Fitz’s political destiny post-Remington and didn’t have a rich daddy to rescue him like Fitz did. So he ended up in B6-13. That’s still a back story that needs a little more explanation and we might get it. Overall, I’m so tired of Jake and Rowan.


Jake only has a problem with Rowan and B6-13 when Olivia seems like she gives a shit about him. You can see his flip flop all throughout season 3 many times. 

That gif right there.


Anonymous asked:

Sooo...a lot of people are coming up with the conclusion that Olivia needs to earn Fitz this season....what are your thoughts?









Hmm, folks seemed to have thought the same thing after Fitz discovered that Olivia fixed the election in 213, and then 10-12 months later, Fitz told us this in 219:

I have learned only one thing: that I cannot exist without you. I cannot breathe without you. That the man that I am without you…I’m nothing. I’m nothing, and you are everything.”—-Fitzgerald Grant

Then folks kept insisting after 302 that Olivia (who, still, unbeknownst to her, was outed by her lover) should “earn” Fitz. To that Fitzgerald gave us this answer:

There is nothing you could do that I wouldn’t forgive. Not a single thing. We both know that. We learned the hard way”—Fitzgerald Grant

That quote is in direct reference to Defiance-gate. So, if Fitzgerald doesn’t think he needs to be “earned” by Olivia, what audacity does anyone have to demand that she do so? 

Lastly, there was a whole thread a couple weeks ago about how Olivia’s “earn me” statement to Fitz from 220 was bullshit because love is not supposed to be transactional. It’s not, and never mind that Olivia was talking about respect, not love. But somehow it’s OK for Olivia to “earn” Fitz?

Thanks heavens you addressed this Kat! I had a similar discussion with a fanfic author about the direction of her fic, which to me, seemed to be punishing Liv for having the audacity to leave Fitz, alone and crying on the floor of the Oval, during his hour of need, for not attending Gerry’s funeral and for basically not holding his hand throughout his ordeal. In the story, Fitz is almost indifferent towards her and I think she says that it’s okay, it’s her turn to earn him this time or something, I can’t be certain of the exact phrase cause seemingly every other fic after the finale had Liv utter the very same words.

My response is simple. I think its Fitz’ turn to be there for Liv while she goes through her struggle as she has been with him, by his side from the moment they met. I don’t think stripping Liv of her dignity and having her beg for crumbs of affection equals earning him. Her ‘earn me’ to Fitz was exactly what you said, a call for him to respect her so as to not to expect her to jump back into his arms after calling her a mistress, treating her like a whore and having her stalked and surveilled. It’s now his turn to wait it out for her. I know most in the fandom think his marriage is just a pesky inconvenience, but it’s a very real thing. He IS married. And until he makes the decision to leave that marriage for himself and NOT for Liv, I don’t see how he and Liv can ever work.

This fandom has always been collectively on Fitz’s side and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I ship Olitz, I want Olivia and Fitz to be together but not at the expense of Liv’s self-worth and dignity. I want to her to stop being the mistress (which she already decided to do when they thought Fitz was going to lose), I want her to speak up for herself (which she has started to do, first with Abby, then Jake and then to the press, us) and I really need her to stop being Fitz’s cheerleader. He’s a grown man, the POTUS ffs. Her support is needed yes, but it should not be the only sustaining drive for him.

I’m rambling and I have a lot of feelz for this. In conclusion, Liv deserves to be respected and loved for who she is as she has always done the same for Fitz. It’s his turn to wait for her this time. The End. :)

^^^^^^^^I like this. I agree.

If Fitz ran off and was screwing some woman on the beach while Liv was grieving the loss of a child no one would dare suggest that she needed to earn him. Olivia needs up learn to love herself because no woman who knows her worth is chilling with a man who has physically abused her and continues to verbally abuse her.

for ALWAYS speaking truth! I’m like done with the show but can’t help but reblog your insightful comments which are spot on. Particularly, I always thought why she had to leave with Either man, especially one who wants her “to save him.” His exact words “save me.” Please! Why couldn’t she just leave BY HERSELF to get herself together, re-collect, etc? Focus on OLIVIA and not on some dude especially one who never even acknowledged the harm he did to her (the writing) unlike Fitz who always owns his own shit (when it involves her).
thank you for your kind words. I am just perplexed that people act like no matter what Olivia does she’s right. Her every action is perceived as her taking care of her regardless of its impact on those around her. Some people cannot get over Fitz’s marriage and that’s fine but don’t tell me that the only alternative is Jake.

If Fitz does not feel as if Liv has to earn him then why does the viewer ? Umm yes. Thank you.
I guess that the viewer perceives his grand gestures or speeches as earning but without actually making the relationship possible and being available to give her what is reasonable for anyone to ask of their partner then he has not “earned” her yet.
This is the best commentary on this topic I have read to date.
It is season 4. I did not expect them to be together by then. The complete absurdity in making it that way is why everyone is upset. The journey to this place made no sense.But if this was done well would everyone be upset about an OTP not being together on a network TV show in season 4. Pick a genre,sitcom,drama whatever I do not see this happening. The first show to do this then bravo.
Even with Outlander the angst will ensue but this could be the groundbreaking we need in TV,it has been already.
Thank you for the commentary on this.

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